The Discontinued

So Apple announced the new IPhone 6 to the usual fanfare and sxreem of “Ooh, I really need the new IPhone, I really do. When can I get it?”

What hasn’t been widely reported, and certainly not on the launch day, is that the Ipod Classic has been discontinued. I didn’t know. It wasn’t until I read it when I was looking through my Google News page. And sure enough, if you go to the Apple home page, you have the support for it, but you can’t buy it, at least not on the website/

This troubles me a bit. Yes, you guessed right. I have an Ipod Classic, and even then I was a late adopter. I went years without an Ipod, and then the MP3 players I had kept on breaking, so I decided to take the plunge. That was about 6 years ago, and I haven’t looked back. I have the 80gb version, I have yet to fill it entirely. I have 23gb left/ It’s taking time.

What my main worry is, is that Apple withdraw all support for the Classic, and I’m not able to  transfer my music to it. I suppose I have nothing to  worry about, because the Classic has probably been a cash cow for Apple. They can’t be as evil as Microsoft can they?

Can they?

New Home, New Book

Oh well, had to change.

I just want to try something different, and this seems to fit the bill. It  seems quite easy to manage, this new theme. And I’ve also got the side bar for my Twitter posts going, which meant sorting out something called APIs with Twitter. I think it looks okay.

Oh look, I’m reading “Game Of Thrones” again. I got to page 160 last time, but I seem to be in the right frame of mind to read it.  Before, I just lost interest quickly, mainly because I was thinking of other things.


“The Boer War”

Seen as I’d lived in the country for 15 years, and knew a lot more about the Zulu War than I did about the Boer War, I thought that it was about time I read about it.

This is where the problems come in. Yes, it looks to be meticulously researched, but some of the geography, especially in my “home” province of Natal, was plain wrong. Also some of pronunciations. But I can forgive them that. There was a lot say about the battles, which was good.

Two of the most controversial incidents of the war are of course discussed: the scorching of the Boer farms and also the concentration camps that were set up by the British. That was part of the British strategy, to get the Boers into an ever decreasing area to fight so eventually they would surrender unconditionally. The scorched-earth policy was dealt with quite well.

I was expecting the authors to be vitriolic towards the British regarding the concentration camps, given their role in World War II. And I expected a whole chapter or two about this subject. Nope, how wrong I was. It was just described, to me, as just another tool of war, that any of the participants of any war could use. That’s where I have a big problem with the book.

There is more said in the book about the fact that the non-whites were not given the vote, and were naturally treated badly by the Afrikaaners. But surely the point is this: based on what happened before and afterwards, it was always going to be an issue. But treating the concentration camps as just another tool of war, which could be seen later on in 20th Century history as genocide, was treating like it was some sort of everyday occurance when two countries go to war.

I know that the Afrikanners, especially after 1948, got and still get a bad press, and for good reason. I just feel that the authors portrayed the use of concentration camps as a way of saying, “Well, there’s 3000 less Afrikaaners.”

Old prejudices die hard, don’t they.

Time To Relax

This last weekend I went with my parents to spend the weekend in Sheffield. We have old friends (friends for 31 years and counting, and a friendship forged 6,000 miles away as next door neighbours). Their parents live in Blackpool, and they live in Sheffield, or more to the point, their daughter does.

She has a terrific family herself, and has three adorable daughters. One is growing up quite quickly, one is a creative sould who likes playing the guitar, and the other is an aspiring gymnast, and winner of quite a few medals.

So, the grown-ups drank, ate a good meal and talked some more, until about 1am on Sunday. It’s the old cliche, talking can be therapeutic.

A fantastic weekend.

Write, Damnit!

Wow. Another couple of weeks, and no progress in increasing the number of posts…

I’m not as prolific a poster as I can be: after all I’ve been paying for the website where threelightsnews lives. I know I may not have a lot to write about, but I want to write.

To me, my writing seems clipped, like I’ve lost interest half way through writing. It’s true I’ve got loads of distractions when I write, but not that many.

It would be an easy excuse to blame the hours I do at work, and I suppose, in a way it is correct. All I would write about is what happened whilst I was on my shift, which would be really boring.

Maybe I should just write…


Well, that idea of a post every day for the next few days starting yesterday went to pot, didn’t it? My excuse is that I was a bit too tired when I came home last night. I arrived home at 9pm and went to bed at 10.30pm, absolutely shattered. I slept for 9 hours flat…

Anywho…(and I only hope the posts don’t appear forced out of me).

Last Friday, I went out and bought myself a new car. I’d done the legwork, compared prices, looked at reliability, and settled on a Hyundai i10. The key here, I think, is reliability. I’m long past the age of getting a “flash” car. The car isn’t the best in looks, but it’s got good reviews.

And the more I drive it, the more I think I made a good choice. I have power steering, air con, electric windows, immobiliser, all things I didn’t have in my last car, a VW Polo. I paid a reasonable price for it, but it handles like a more expensive car.


Bloggy, Bloggy, Bloggy

My interest in this here blog has been woefully waning as of late.

I’ve done all sorts of things, but I have always seemed to have forgotten to mention it on here. Not that I don’t think that it should be posted, this blog is the last thing I want to turn to. Maybe because my last batch of weird hours at work ended up being late finish hours (11.30pm). Maybe.

I’m active on Twitter, which serves a different purpose, but I’m also active on the dreaded Facebook. I don’t like Facebook even at the best of times, but why do I keep on going back to it just about every single day then?! I don’t post my whole life on there, but it’s good to keep in touch with family and friends. But i hate using it…Oh well.

What I’ve just decided, anyway, is to try and do a post a day for the next few days (starting tomorrow), and see where that leads. I like my blog. I’ve been writing a blog for about 8 or 9 years now, and I don’t want to stop posting.

A Case Of “I Told You So”

Well, the World Cup is fast approaching the knock-out stage, and England, maybe predictably, have come home with their tails between their collective legs. Their plane landed in Manchester to drop off the players whose clubs and homes are up norf, and went to Luton to drop off the rest of them daaan saaaf. And quite rightly, there was absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.

I had a post planned to go through everything, but I’ve just changed my mind. This picture sums it up correctly:

Yup, Correct
Yup, Correct

That is all.

World Cup? Meh.

It really makes a change that I am viewing the coming World Cup with a feeling of not caring what happens at all. Because I’d lived in South Africa, a place where World Cups were not shown, it was all a bit new when the TV schedules in 1990 had the World Cup. I have been following them ever since, especially when the tournament went to South Africa, and even to my home city.

But now?

I suppose it may be because the same players that under-performed when picked – indeed, the same players were always picked, or the fact that playing for their club is more inportant playing for their country, that there is a certain section of “fans” (me included), who see England as an under-achieving team, and not worthy of any sor of lordly status whenever they play.

I know that as a result of changes made to the England setup that the pressure is off the players, but I just feel, well, meh.

Don't Be An Idiot, Okay?