Well, on Monday coming, I’m off to Spain for 12 days. I’m really looking forward to relaxing, and just chilling out (I refuse to use the stupid word chillaxing).

Work is just work, that is all. It’s a place where I do my bit, then come back home. That is all. It’s a job where I have to put up with all sorts of crap, from the Great British Public and beyond. I’ve learned through bitter experience that I just let it wash over me.

Another analogy I use is that I don’t let problems become bigger, and pass problems to someone else wherever I can. It’s in the work I do. The department I’m in gets blamed every time something goes wrong for work we have no control over and did not initiatiate. In other words, I don’t let the monkey become a gorilla, and when it looks as though it’s turning into a gorilla, pass it on to someone else who has the knowledge in front of them. It’s worked for me, and it works for me all the time.

Anyways, I’m off. I’m unlikely to post before I go, so, see ya later!!

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Sir, if you’ll not be needing me I’l shut down for a while”

I genuinely have nothing to say.

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Winter Is…No, There It Goes

I realy tried getting into reading the first book of Game of Thrones. I got to about page 160, and I just could not go any further. I find it dull. This family doesn’t like that family because of this, and this person does not like that person, because of reasons. I just found the writing tedious, and put the book down.

I have the DVD box set, so at least I can watch that. From watching the first episode of the first season, I’m sure it’ll do.

I really wanted to enjoy the book, I really did.

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Work, work, work

My work life is going through a disturbing trend. The whole department is run in the same way most of its ilk are run: by statistics, and with every single minute of your shift there logged.

I’d be the first to admit that sometimes I digress from the ideal shift quite frequently, mainly because some of my work involves some catching up after a call I have made or taken. This forces my stats to go a bit higher than what they should be. Also, they have a doctors note saying that I would have to make frequent trips to the toilet because of my Diabetes.

The stats have to be within certain guidelines, and then that triggers a bonus payment. (You understand this, so far?). Last month I didn’t reach that threshold, so therefore I didn’t get the bonus. I don’t give two hoots whether I get this payment or not.

I went up to my manager, who is normally an amicable sort of fellow, and asked him about the threshold and the fact that I have my doctors note. Next thing I know he’s telling me I can’t talk about it there, but if I have a meeting with him to go through the stats to see where I’m going wrong, and also, if I’d like, to get the Union rep in!

Well, the first thing is that the union at my employer are weak, and the employees have good relations with the employers. And also, it was an innocent question, it really was.

But I’m not happy about the way the doctors note was brushed aside. I wasn’t using it as an excuse, but the fact that it doesn’t mean anything now is making me wonder why it’s suddenly of no consequence.

What I am doing now is logging the times I go to the toilet myself. It seems an odd thing to do, but I’d need proof if they want to take it further.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have a “normal” job, but that’s life.

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Find The Book


Int T’Internet wonderful?!

When I was about 9 years old, my mum and dad got me a book for Christmas, mainly because I was showing an interest in the game. It was a book for grown-ups.

A side story here: my parents were not fussy about whether me or my brother read books above our own reading age, as long as we understood what we were reading. That got me into trouble 3 times in my younger years: one at my local library, where  the librarian wanted me to read for my age, rather than venturing in to the older kids range; then a teacher in primary school who just wanted and forced me to read for my age, and a high school teacher who was just plain awkward, saying I’m not ready for books that are meant for adults, rather than the young teen section. Ah yes, she was the one who ridiculed my writing in front of the whole class.

It was the book above. I remember it being quite a good read, when I got round to reading it many years later. I got the book for Christmas, and on New Years Eve night, our dog decided to give birth to 6 puppies whilst we were away celebrating. She gave birth on my bed, and my book was relatively nearby. We had to trim the book down a bit and cut the bits off where there was birth fluid. We kept the book for a couple of years afterwards, and then decided to throw it away.

Well, I managed to find it on Amazon, for the princely sum of £5.91. My old book was the paperback version, this one is the hardback one, with the picture you see above. Admittedly, it only goes up to 1976, but it’s the same book. It’s written by Martin Tyler, the geezer from the Sky Sports commentaries even…

As I said, the interweb’s wonderful.


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“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

At the weekend, before my shift, I got in and found out that my rota for the next 364 days from 22 March was available, and with absolutely no fanfare compared to previous years, everybody is now able to plan their year.

That is the bad thing about working rota’d hours rather than a straightforward 9-5 Monday to Friday working week. Unless we are the only company on this earth that has a rota system. You have to wait until the rota comes out before you can do any planning. The only planning that I have done beforehand is to organise a hoiday for a couple of weeks in Spain in mid-April. I do this regardless of what anybody may see to me otherwise, because I refuse to pay high plane fares when I can organise the holiday a few months earlier. If I cannot get the time off (which is unlikely as the holiday is pre-booked) then I would have to take them unpaid (hasn’t happened. Yet.). And another option: shift swaps, which is sometimes possible. Failing all of that, it may be a case of them re-imbursing me the plane fare (very highly unlikely. They won’t even part with £1, never mind my plane fiar).

It feels good to be able to plan things out now, such things as going to friends in Sheffield to watch the FA Cup Final and down a few drinks. Also to arrange weekends away. For the record. we have a rota system where you are working 2 weekends in 3. So you aren’t able to enjoy weekends like most people.

Oh joy. And I was told when I embarked on these rota’d hours, you’l not want to go back to 9-5 ever again. HAH!

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Hello there.

Yup , still here.

Life is getting in the way of posting new posts. Once I have an idea of a post, it’s there for 5 minutes and then goes. Oh, and my working hours mean I’m knackered when I get home.

ill be posting soon though, not that anybody except only a few people would know about.


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I Wonder If You’ve Ever Been Had…

I finished watching this last night, after watching some of it a few weeks ago, and then finally watching it from the beginning. And I’ve realised something: I was in South Africa a couple of years later than when Rodriguez was popular there, so I didn’t know a thing about him. He was just skipped over.

So it was some surprise that the rediscovering of Rodriguez was South Africa led. It may have been that the popularity was more prevalent inland, rather than the coast where I lived.


I like this one, one of my favourite documentaries. And I’m obviously quite happy of the South African connection. Rodriguez seems a humble type of man, happy with his contribution to the world, and also his rediscovery. What I don’t like is the reaction of the old label boss in Detroit. Flippant and arrogant.

Rodriguez chooses to live in the same house for the past 40 years. It seems sparsely furnished, and even has a wood burning stove in the bedroom. He seems happy though. I suppose we can learn something from that.

As an aside though, I was watching the bit where Steve Segerman, the guy who rediscovered Rodriguez, in his record shop in Cape Town, and I looked at one of his records on display.


Look on the table! It’s the back cover of Raintown by Deacon Blue! One of my favourite records from my all-time favourite, favourite band. So I am super super chuffed that the album has made it to South Africa, and to be seen in a documentary. Grand stuff!!

I’ve also added the Searching For Sugarman CD to my collection. The songs are excellent too.

5/5 I like this one.

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car

I’ve had my trusty Volkswagen Polo for about 14 years now. I got it about three months after I passed my driving test. I admit it, that for 6 and a half years I didn’t really use it much. I used to commute by bus every day into Manchester and back because my workplace was in the centre of town.

That changed when I got made redundant in 2006. I managed to get a job 2 weeks(!) after I left the job in town, and was able to drive there. And when I moved to my current location of torture work, I am still able to drive.

No for some tech: my car is a T reg old model Polo, just before they decided to change the model to look more like a Golf. It has 4 doors, which in itself is rare. I haven’t seen many of that model about. True, it doesn’t have power steering or electric windows.I love driving it, I’ll admit that. It has a CD player too.

But recently, I’ve thought about changing it and getting a newer car. I just feel like a new driving experience in a different car. I love my first car to bits, but you know…exchange it for a newer model and all that. I have a good idea about what I want, and am putting some money aside just in case I see one I like. Nothing like planning, is there?

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What’s In A Name

I decided a short time ago that I’d change my name on here. Even though I like the name Threelight, I just need a small change. Nothing drastic.

So that’s why I’ve decided on the phonetic spelling of my initials. It is something I use every day in my work life, sometimes with hilarious consequences (try Y for Wankie for starters). But it’s closer to me.

I like the name Threelight. I invented the name as a character when I was playing Dungeons And Dragons when I was in high school. It was a great escape from the drudgery and strictness of school, and to let off steam with friends. Talk about anything except school…I’d since learned that the guy who was the Dungeon Master for just about all our games died of a massive heart attack about 5 years after we left school, but that’s besides the point. It was fun.

I’ll see how this change goes.

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